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Intensive Spanish Courses in Valencia

The Intensive and Super Intensive courses available in Valencia, are courses designed to help you improve your language skills and abilities in the shortest possible time. Our highly trained, native Spanish speakers work directly with you to create a personalized course adjusted to your needs. The Flexibility we offer you is the key to successful language learning. As leaders in the teaching of Spanish, we have the experience and ability to offer you the best educational experience possible.

Our belief in active learning means that our intensive programs are focused on constant interaction between the student and teacher. Our courses rely on a wide range of activities like reading, group discussions, multimedia and conversation. We offer intensive classes in packages of 20 or 30 classes per week plus 5 complimentary cultural classes or activities. At don Quijote, our intensive classes are no larger than 8 students and you have the possibility to start any Monday of the year.


20 lessons per week + 5 Cultural classes
Maximum 8 students
All Levels
Minimum 17 years old


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